can change my mood almost instantly

Have you notice that you attract more attention when you wear a certain color compared to when you’re wearing a different one? people are affected by colors. Colors can influence their mood. They can evoke emotions; and, I for one, am drawn to bold colors like red, orange, and bright yellow. They can change my mood almost instantly.

Red for instance is commonly used in restaurants’ logos. Orange, on the other hand, is famously preferred by educators. Observe the pre-school where your baby is enrolled in next time you drive her to school. You’ll see, one of its corners is painted orange. In most probability, the activity room is awashed with this color.

Next, let’s focus on how interior decorators use colors. In most American homes, for example, kitchens are painted yellow. This color is believed to induce appetite, that’s why. The corporate world, either, can’t escape colors’ influence as illustrated by this situation: the color of your get up upon entering an office will definitely leave an impression on your colleagues, and everyone you meet there; notwithstanding, their personalities, preferences, or positions.

Colors are powerful. As you can clearly see now. They, obviously, are not the only factor considered in fashion; however, knowing what to wear on various kinds of occasion sends the message — you have an exquisite fashion sense. In fact, it also qualifies you to leave a more favorable impression. Also, class (aah… how I love that word), is an adjective you would want people to refer to you, I’m sure.

Now, I challenge you to scroll down. Scan an infographic I have personally chosen for you so you can further languish in the treasure of information on colors. It won’t hurt to add up on your fashion sense, right?

What can the UK do to attract overseas students? Imitate Australia

A recent event of real importance to UK higher education has gone relatively unnoticed. When the Home Office expanded the list of countries that will benefit from a streamlined Tier 4 application process, it made it far easier for students from 11 countries, including China, to get visas to study in the UK.

This matters. International students make a huge contribution to our universities, economy and soft power. According to Ucas figures, 58,450 non-EU university applications were received as of January 2018 – the largest number ever recorded.

But the UK must not become complacent – competition for international students around the world is growing. To build on this success, we need a coordinated effort between universities, government and the private sector.

Australia’s example may be particularly instructive. The Rudd-Gillard government, acting on concerns that migrants were exploiting the education system as a pathway to residency similar to those currently under debate in the UK, raised fees and the regulatory and financial requirements for study, causing a decline in international enrolees.

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The succeeding government examined the impact of this policy – the loss of a third of Australia’s third largest export sector – and quickly relaxed the restrictions. Australian universities are now reaping the benefits: the sector enjoyed 15% year-on-year growth in 2017.

Australia is naturally a different country with a different economy, and its government has different political priorities. But it invested considerable resources in benchmarking and improving its higher education sector, and the results have made it an especially competitive international player.

If the UK is to emulate its example, it should start by highlighting the value of its universities and their educational exports by consistently and regularly reporting on them. The Office for National Statistics does not currently accurately track the sector’s performance, making it harder to gauge the challenges and opportunities it faces and to compare it to competitor countries.

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The ONS issues monthly reports on construction output, retail and a number of other industries. Adding education to the list would bring the vast contribution of this sector into sharper focus, particularly as it is believed to make the second largest contribution to the UK economy after financial services.

The UK’s performance in the global education marketplace is hard to quantify, chiefly because it is not properly benchmarked against other countries. If we don’t know how we’re doing in relation to our competitors, we can’t compete or learn from countries that have a more competitive offering.

To achieve an Australia-style turnaround, the UK must adapt to changes in the global marketplace. This requires a dedicated, independent body representing the government and higher education sector to monitor the marketplace and look to improve the UK’s position in it.

This will mean the Home Office being more flexible and relinquishing responsibility. It must be willing to follow the recommendations of this body, rather than oversee it. This may be politically difficult, but is likely to be economically worthwhile – like tourists, international students bring value and create jobs, and data definitively shows that they overwhelmingly don’t overstay their visas.

Equally, international students can potentially bridge the UK’s high-level Stem skills gap. But this will only be possible if they’re given the time and support needed to find work. At present, every international graduate gets four months to find a job once they’ve completed their course. This is difficult for even the most skilled graduates, regardless of nationality. In Australia, all graduates are given two to four years.

In the UK, years of pressure from the public and private sectors are beginning to have a positive effect on the policy environment. The expanded list of Tier 4 applicant countries is a welcome move – though the omission of India requires reconsideration – and shows Whitehall is taking international education seriously. But a further step-change is required. Unless we start benchmarking our performance, and giving the sector the support it deserves, we may find ourselves left behind in the race to educate future generations from around the world.

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Tracing the footprints of a tumor: Genomic ‘scars’ allow cancer profiling

When a cell develops into a tumor, something has gone terribly wrong: the uncontrolled growth, invasion of nearby tissues and finally metastasis are the result of many consecutive DNA mutations. Such an accumulation of demolished genetic material often derives from initial environmental exposures, enzymatic activities or defects in DNA replication or DNA repair mechanisms. Each of those initial mutagenic conditions creates their own pattern of DNA damage called mutational signature. Deciphering them could theoretically allow us to trace back the initial cause of a tumor, profile its properties and help find a therapeutic strategy Varicella associated pneumonia.

However, reading those mutational signatures in tumor samples is a difficult task, as the large amount of mutations that a patient acquires during its lifetime create a noisy and uncontrolled system — even the best clinical data will, at most, provide only associations. Therefore, the group of Joanna Loizou, principal Investigator at the CeMM Research Center for Molecular Medicine of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, in collaboration with researchers from the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, developed an experimental setup to validate the concept of mutational signatures in cell culture.

In special human cell lines, optimized for genome editing, the researchers destroyed nine different genes — one gene per cell line — for DNA repair using CRISpR-Cas9 technology. Subsequently, they cultivated single cells from each of those nine experiments and allowed them to proliferate for one month. Eventually, the scientists analyzed the entirety of mutations that accumulated over this time period in the cell line deriving from the single progenitor that lacks a specific DNA repair gene. With specially developed computational methods, they were able to find the genomic scars that a missing DNA repair gene left in the genome of the affected cells — they were almost identical to mutational signatures found in cancer cells.

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“Our results validate mutational signatures across all classes of mutations,” Joanna Loizou summarizes the findings. “For the first time, this theoretical concept was confirmed in a highly controlled experimental setup.” However, a single gene defect is not restricted to only one mutational signature, Loizou adds: “We found that some defects in DNA repair genes engender multiple mutational signatures of different classes.” The converse is also true, as Michel Owusu, phD Student in Loizou’s laboratory and co-first author of the paper explains: “A mutational signature may not necessarily reflect a defect of one gene, as it could also arise through the malfunctioning of another related gene involved in the affected DNA repair mechanism.”

The findings of this study not only confirm an analytical principle that describes mutational processes and cancer development, mutational signatures are a direct mechanistic read-out of specific dysfunctions of a cell. Thus, even if the underlying gene defect is unknown, mutational signatures could be used as biomarkers for the molecular characterization of tumors — a new diagnostic tool to improve the precise and personalized treatment of cancer.

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Mountains is silent one unsmiling father

In the old man’s house to eat a bowl of element face, talked for a while, go out, the lights of the village has been carefully read the night. This is my last night in the mountain village stay, I want to find a place to enjoy simple and comfortable here.

Village called “frog out pool” of the ancient pond, relative to the entire villages, at this time is vocals, boiling pot, talkative old people meet there, with exercise fitness equipment installed in the village, and repeatedly on chatting. Yesterday I have been to two times, what calls are in the ears don’t hear the ancient pond, only in the story of the old people mouth from generation to generation, fantasized about hundred years ago, that only when the drought to save villagers frog out of the fairy. I can’t think of a sort to, seem to also don’t have to come up with a turn to tell her.

In the village there is a great hall, came to the village on the first day I have been to. Before zhang man said, will have to act in an opera in the great hall of the troupe, and it can be noisy, TingXi people can squeeze into the wall. Today, here has shortage for many years, the stage was stacked with various of sundry, the weeds in the yard to knee height. Era of change, some things have not come back, but nostalgic people still thinking, maybe think about daily, may be remember those laughter, may be remember someone to spend the night with yourself.

Recall the first three day and night spent in mountain villages, unconsciously, I have already walk to the village of the tail. Village there is a fork in the road, extending to the top of the hill, where there is a pavilion. According to my meaning, I don’t want to go once again, because the mosquito there quite fierce! I was about to turn back to the old man’s house, suddenly heard a tune coming from the mountain leisurely slowly, I can’t help but wonder, does someone in the pavilion?

With curiosity, I went up the hill, down the path but six or seven minutes, reach the top of a hill. Mountain road each have street lights from a distance, has been to the outside of the pavilion five meters. Not to passing, I have been through the light, see at a distance, an old man sitting in the pavilion. The slow romantic music, it is out of his hand the thing came in, listen to the sound quality, should be a phone.

Wanted to say hello, but into the pavilion at the moment of I was speechless, because the old man looked at the distance, as if his hands out of tune, ShanTing had nothing to do with him. How can I to say hello to people a heart wasn’t in this? How can I to disturb his mind?

Sit in silence for about five minutes, the old man just suddenly turned round, look at me to ask: “young man, you come to play in the village?”

I nodded and answered: “used to have relatives here, remember when I was a child, come for a walk and have a look.”

The old man nodded and looked into the distance. I was speechless, do not know what to say, he looked at the passing a road. Street lamp, a not well-known tree open unknown flowers, a breeze blowing, there are a few petals fall. Petals, it fall to bloom, trees, is for the fallen petal bloom, I’m not a botanist, but this night I see trees blossom.

“The old man’s house, your phone look good.” I have is belong to have no words to find words, but sat silently, some of the oppressed.

The old man, looked at me, then she bowed her head looked at his mobile phone, sighs: “son bought for me, it’s a pity that it is not my son.”

“Oh? Why?”

“When he was young, I ran outside and leave his wife and son in the village, just your equip outside. I not bottom go to, such as back here, my wife has been took his son run. A run for 30 years, 30 years! When he came back, I didn’t recognise him, he is already someone else’s son, outside his home. He gave me the mobile phone, bring me a lot of things, and then went away. It is, this is life, I think…”

I shook my head, looked at the distance of the endless darkness, heart is more and more quiet. Life is long, the time in a hurry, life is the recognition, but the life is oneself write down.

Gradually into streams of clever voice, like a lively child, around the mountains around the circle. Mountain, is still the silence of the mountains, in the night sky on the layers of clouds, like a catch dreams, layer cascade folds, is he.

The next tomorrow

Every ray of light to a new day brings new hope, every day while we live in a brand new day.

When all good can only stay in my memory, when you the beautiful smile can only stay in the photograph, everything just like a dream, can’t catch Information Security Solution you when you wake up the ethereal form, you can feel to my heart of that kind of helpless? You can understand the depth of my heart of sadness and despair?

Remember yesterday we still laugh together, cry together, embrace together to say the beautiful oath. And in the second day morning haven’t into our life, we have become strangers, at this moment as a rude awakening also revel in the world of dreams.

My dear baby, I Hair Styling class believe our promise, though at the moment we have separate, but I have no doubt when you say the oath of sincere, please believe that I am sincere, ok? We didn’t know that who will do the same, when we meet together, we are sincere hope that the son of the hand, old together with them.

In the long river of time, we have changed, we’re tired, began to tired of, or that we are not so stick to each other. I have to say to you “my dear, if one day we separated, please believe me I love you, our love just be defiled by secular!”

But now I understand a truth but it was only my’s excuse for his own incompetence. Finally hair care I see two people together if points actually as a man of one party shall be liable to the great. I have regretted, in our best time, I met the best of you, but you did not meet the best, I leave you at the time, I also don’t know how do I, for I don’t drink, don’t play CARDS don’t be mean, only vaguely remember is spent in bed.

During that time I am your dream, wake up in the middle of the night and couldn’t help but tears flowing downwards, see noodles in store shopping I will think of you call me little eat instant noodles, hey hey, you say also strange, when we are together you often told me not to eat but I still often eat, but after the points with you, I almost didn’t eat), see figure similar to you I will be in place when looked at the girl, when I meet you in the dream be excuse me I will be very angry call names, that time you in my life became a hot topic they banned, later I always say put down, but I say you don’t have a friend from high school, I was still in dispute with him, but in the end I only silence.

With the passage of time gradually forget, I seem to forget your smile, forget the ugly when you cry, forget you is the duck neck hot straight out, forgot you naughty appearance, also forgot the face when you are jealous, I even forgot you almost cry when I got a prank (in fact, the bear was bought for you, not to its her girl, just want to give you a surprise, unexpectedly became frightened, but in the end the surprise was I become a surprise, remember?) .

One day I walked out of the bedroom door, heard the beating of the notes, it struck me deep inside, see the charming sunset, I can’t help but stretch out his hand to catch the sun shining on me, I seem to understand what, in fact life every day is very good! Just I have been immersed in his dream, don’t want to wake up!

When break up I let you wait for me, I said I will take the best of yourself to you, now I know what I really can’t give you, you will meet better, we will be happy, isn’t it? Only the happiness is no longer we initially said good happiness, belong to you and my happiness, like parallel lines!

I really appreciate encountered in the most wonderful time in the beautiful, sunshine, kind of you, is you taught me to have their own bear, learn to love, to pursue their own dreams. Maybe at this time when I write this journal I understood some of the more important thing!

I’m looking forward to the next tomorrow, because I believe that tomorrow the sun still charming, but I will be bathed in the sunlight, carefully listen to the nature of language honey!

Love is a lamp

Happiness is neither about being immortal nor having food or rightsLoop app iphone in one’s hand. It’s about having each tiny wish come true, or having something to eat when you are hungry or having someone’s love when you need love.
We all live in the past. We takehong kong tourism a minute to know someone, one hour to like someone, and one day to love someone, but the whole life to forget someone.Don’t forget the things you once you owned. Treasure the things you can’t get. Don’t give up the things that belong to you and keep those lost things in memory.
.I don’t think that when people grow up, they will become more broad-minded and can accept everything. Conversely, I think it’s a selecting process, knowing what’s the most important and what’s the least. And then be a simple man.
Remember, the brick walls are there for a reason. The brick walls are not there to keep us out. The brick walls are there to give us a chance to show how badly we want someting. Because the brick walls are there to stop the people who don’t want it badly enough. They’re there to stop the other people. —-Randy Frederick Pausch
No matter how cruel the LED Lighting manufacturerdestiny treats one with tribulation and misfortune, it will correspondingly treat him with happiness and sweetness. Even if the happiness is short and false, it’s enough to light up the whole future life.
Love like you’ve never been hurt .

Dance like nobody’s watching.

Sing like nobody’s listening.

work like you don’t need the money .

Live like it’s heaven on earth.——–Alfred D’Souza